Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tufted Billow-Weave (TM) @ Icing Inspirations

Hello Cake Peeps!

Last weekend, I took a day off of work and gave myself a much deserved long weekend!  What did I do with my downtime?  Why, improved my cake repetoire of course!  I hopped on a train after work (aka the train ride from hell pt 1) and made my way to Kitchener ON to spend time with my BCF and take a class at Icing Inspirations.  The class- Susan Trianos' Tufted Billow Weave (TM) technique.  I met Susan last year when I took Ron Ben Israel's sugar flowers class.  Susan teaches at the Bonnie Gordon school of Cake Decorating and is an amazing artist.  She also came up with her trade-marked technique that has led her to win many awards, including most recently, Cake Walk: Wedding Cake edition.

Susan is an amazing teacher.  The class went by so quickly, but I left learning so much!  I will post a pic of my class cake soon - I just want to finish a few things on it.  One of the best things from the weekend was that Susan has given me the OK to teach the technique - so stay tuned to the blog and my website for the class announcement!

I am in the middle of a crazy holiday season (aren't we all?) and will try to post a longer post soon.....including a review of Sharon Zambito's 2 new sugar flower dvd's!

Until next time,
Happy Caking and Happy Holidays!